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We are back for another panino special!

This store has a little bit of everything and gives you a Wonderful Bite ;).

Nestled in the little streets of Moorabbin amongst the factory district you will come across this newly renovated paninoteca known as Wonderful Bites and let me tell you, it was quite wonderful.

The concept of this store had the assistance from the famous food consultant Sam Pinzone, supplying a little bit of everything such as: cannoli's from cannoleria, pies from Wonder Pies by Ray Capaldi and of course the main event...fresh panino sliced to order. Think, thinly sliced mortadella, casalinga salami, prosciutto and thin pieces of provolone cheese packed into a fresh baguette roll for that "on-the-go" vibe.

These guys have all the tradies in the area covered that are looking to enjoy a fresh wog roll during their pranzo. They've adapted to the new panino world that everyone has gone rogue over, thanks to One Panino At A Time *cough cough*.

With the grand opening only a few weeks ago, this New-York Deli style store has already made waves in the South-East.

Now, what was so Wonderful about this place?

Panino Uno: OG Roll

- Basil Pesto

- Green Olives

- Marinated Eggplants

- Roasted Capsicum

- Sun-dried Tomato

- Provolone Cheese

- Prosciutto

Allora, my mouth was watering at the sight of this panino I didn't know where to start.

They used a baguette-style bread for that crisp fresh taste, with a spread of basil/pesto on each side of the bread, the marinated eggplant with sun-dried tomato and olives was an antipasto platter all in one. The hot roasted capsicum, salty prosciutto, and thinly sliced provolone that basically melted in between the olive oil and capsicum gave you that sweet n' sour taste you can only get if you literally, pack all your wog delicacies in one.

If you are looking for something to get your taste bud's charging this will definitely hit the spot. I think the name OG Roll pretty much speaks for itself, they had all the original Italian condiments packed in a Wonderful Bite!


Panino Due: WB Roll

- Tomato Pesto

- Mayo

- Sweet Chilli Pickle Lettuce

- Marinated Eggplant

- Capsicum

- Provolone Cheese

- Ham

- Salami

If you're looking for that spicy hit on your lunch break to get you charging throughout the day then you definitely need to try this one. They had me at tomato pesto...scusa? I've never heard of such a thing so I definitely want the recipe for this one guys.

With the sweet chilli pickled Lettuce, crispy Capsicum, Ham and Casalinga Salami sandwiched between the Provolone Cheese and Mayo, they gave it a modern-day twist to your average ham, cheese and lettuce baguette roll. This one definitely left me full to the brim, but I couldn't stop eating it. The cold meats in this role were sliced to perfection and their attention to detail in packing each condiment in this panino is second to none.

Sam Pinzone definitely paid attention to mixing the original menu to a New York Deli-style twist.

For all of you that are unaware of who he is, the talented chef has worked with the likes of Neil Perry and Jacques Raymond. In 2016 Sam was given Two Chefs Hats by Gault and Milau, which was written about in the world-renowned Food Guide. This guy seriously means business and gives places like Wonder Bites that culinary experience, which can be illustrated for what is on the menu at this place.

If you are looking for your quick-stop off panino shop give these guys a visit at 4A/92 Keys Road, Moorabbin.

Head over to their Instagram and give them a follow @wonderbitesmoorabbin

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