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Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world, with 1,300 people dying annually in Victoria alone and unfortunately one of them being my mum. Your donation gives other people a chance to further medical research and advances that could potentially save a loved one's life.

My Story

The founder’s story is what has garnered the attention of the public, her traditional family values resonate with small businesses she has supported. Her heartache lives on through a mantra that we should all adopt into our daily lives.

“​My parents would always hit the supermarket on a Sunday morning buying the freshest bread and the finest of cured meats and pickled vegetables. After that, they would come home and spread out all our favourite delectables on the table and we would create a good ol’, Sunday afternoon Panino. It was my favourite pastime, we would eat One Panino At A Time until our stomachs were full.


Dad sometimes would overindulge in the cured meats and make a cholesterol sandwich, but that's what wogs do. Mum always told me that Sunday afternoon shopping with my Dad was their favourite tradition, they got to spend time together, doing what they loved to come home and share that tradition with my brothers and I."

"On August 18th 2009, that once loved tradition came to an end, Dad passed away from Lung Cancer when I was 15 years old. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to go through as a teenager, little did I know I was about to lose my Mum to the same disease too. On 18th February 2021, my Mum lost her life to Bowel Cancer by the time I reached the age of 26. To say that these two belonged together is an understatement, their exact dates of passing is the reason why I have chosen to launch products on the 18th of various months, it is an ending of two lives to create the birth of One Panino At A Time."

"I have made it my mission to dedicate this business to them. I have opened up a part of my life that I struggle to talk about, only in hopes that others can find some inspiration in this and take life one day at a time. Dad reminded me that food will always bring people together, it brings back memories of old family traditions.”

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