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Woodfire Delight!

Buongiorno tutti!

I hope your week is tracking well because I have come across an absolute delight for you all!

I know you have all heard of the Napoletan special woodfire pizza, but have you ever heard of a woodfire panino? Neither have I.

If you go for a bella passeggiata down Southbank amongst the board walk, you will find yourself smack bang in the middle of Melbourne Exhibition where Melbourne Street Eatz will cure all your hunger needs. They have also decided to cure your panino needs too!

With Melbourne's first panino food truck, *drum roll please*... PANINO WOOD FIRE FOOD TRUCK!

The boys at Puccia Food Trailer have bought Italy to you!

The name was created in the town of Lecce, located in "the heel of Italy". It is a typical street food bread, made with pizza dough cooked in a wood oven used to prepare sandwiches stuffed with local products.

Thus, Puccia Food Trailer was born!

These guys have literally turned your streeteatz into street needz! They have created something so traditional that has sent all our hipster tails wagging!

With a panino like this, it only calls for local products to be stuffed into a delicately baked pizza-bread!

These guys wanted to make you feel like you've eaten at Nonna's table and put together a polpette panino with traditional sauce!


- Polpette

- Cheese

- Basil

Simple, yet, effective.

First off, the bread tasted like a slow cooked pizza base fresh out of the oven from Napoli! Then they stuff it with Nonna's meatballs and Sugo and sprinkle some Cheese and fresh Basil! You know what it tasted like?

Imagine your Nonna is making you a meatball n' pasta sauce dish, then you scoop up the residue with some wog made bread to make sure your plate is crystal clean!

That is literally what this panino tasted like...TRADITIONAL!

I spoke to Adam Lamanna partner and owner of the business, him and his best mate wanted to offer something different to the public. They didn't want to go down the traditional paninoteca route, they wanted something mobile around Melbourne to show people that a panino can be made a hell of a lot differently than just fresh to order!

With your panino coming fresh out of the fire, and the bread being made from pizza dough, they are always refining their recipe to ensure that their panini is made to perfection!

I hear their chef is a specialist in making dough, at the moment they want to get the dough at a right density so it comes out puffy and fluffy, which is dialect for Puccia!

Well done boys! I can't wait to get my hands on the Porchetta roasted panino fresh outta' the fire!

These guys are always on the move, so check out their instagram for their next iconic location: @pucciafoodtrailer.

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