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Auguri Mamma!

A Happy Mother's Day to the ones we love and the ones we have lost, it is an emotional day for One Panino At A Time, but we will get through it like we always do...with a panino.

So, before we get into it, I just want to thank everyone for the outpour of support I have gotten over the last few weeks. It has given One Panino At A Time a new meaning, I want to make sure that this blog helps others in experiencing trauma. I want to give people a reason to laugh even if they don't feel like they can.

So for all of you that have lost a Mum, today is the day where I can understand your pain. This write-up might also resonate with some, that can understand what I am about to share.

People that can relate to this heartache will understand that one day you are completely fine, and the next you will find yourself crying down the streets of the Melbourne CBD, for no god damn reason.

That was basically me, that day I made my way down to Flinders Lane, I decided to make all my troubles go away by finding a panino bar.

My mum never liked to see me cry, and if any of you have watched the movie Spanglish, you will remember the part where the Mother says to her Daughter, "one tear, just one, so make it a good one". I do exactly that, just One Panino at a bloody Time.

However, some food for thought before I give you a rundown on what panino cured my daily psychosis (once again I'm joking).

When people are faced with a tragedy you have two options:

  1. lose yourself and crumble;

  2. turn the really schifo cards you've been dealt with into gold, "or diamonds" a good friend of mine once said.

So, I chose to do the latter and found myself at the front of Saluministi bar on my 60-minute lunch break and boy did that cure any bordello I had going on that day.


- Slow Roasted Pork

- Artichoke Paste

- Pecorino

- Rocket

Does that bread look familiar to you? my favourite paninoteca's supply it, @impastofornoantico and it makes the meat 100% more tastier ;).

Just imagine taking that first bite, the Ciabatta bread soaked in the Pork oil, the crispiness of the Rocket, and the Pecorino Cheese melting between the Slow Roasted Meat and Artichoke Paste.

Guys, I finished that panino in 5-minutes it was that good. The sun was hitting my face

(finalmente un po 'di abbronzatura), I still had 55-miutes of my break left, the oil from the pork was seeping out of the bread, well cooked might I add.

The artichoke paste that was spread on both sides of the Ciabatta was a blanket to moisten up the rest of the Pecorino and Rocket. Which made the Pork even juicier and to top it off, the panino was nice and warm.

Make sure you grab yourselves a napkin for this panino guys, you'll be sure to make a bloody mess ;).

Saluministi is located in two places of the Melbourne CBD:

- Docklands

- Flinders Lane

If you are after a more up-market panino vibe I suggest you make your way down to Docklands.

However, if you are a city slicker like myself and only have 60-minutes to spare, head down to 388 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD. You will then find yourself lining up with the rest of the 9-5'ers whinging about why they should be working from home...CAZZO!

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