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BAM! The Panino is Gone!

Un altro giorno, Un altro post and this time it was during Pasqua!

Easter time is and will always be a great tradition in our family.

It would start on Good Friday, Dad would like whip up his finest sea food dishes, Vongole, Mussels, Lobster you name it, it was on the table!

Easter Saturday would roll around, Mum & Nonna would make Zipploe and then we would go to midnight mass! Every wog could understand this.

Then it was Easter Sunday, the family would get together as wogs do and have a big feast. Lasagne, Lamb, Roast Pork, Prawns, Oysters and a Neapolitan favourite dessert Pastiera (it is a ricotta pastry cake).

This Easter was a little different, it was wholesome and still with family, however there will always be a part of me that will forever be missing between Easter, Birthdays & Christmas.

I took it One Panino At A Time and remembered my favourite past times at a good ol' corner store just down in Essendon known as, Bam Cornerstore.

These guys are newly open and have an excellent range of products down in the back, you just might see our famous oil on stock ;)

Not to mention their bread that is baked in-house and stamped with their logo! I just had to try their staple panino!

The BAM Special:

- Poached Chicken

- Caesar sauce

- Avocado

- Pickles

- Aioli

- Cheese

- Fresh Ciabatta

Guys, this tasted like a fresh Big Mac and I almost ruined my Catholic diet on the Easter Saturday but thank god it wasn't Good Friday ;)!

Their fresh in house bread packs a crunch before you get to the soft chicken and avocado. Not to mention it was toasted so those sour pickles and red onion definitely gave you that tangy taste. Every bite reminded me of a baked chicken sandwich nestled in sweet avocado and stringy cheese! Definitely worth the wait guys!

They not only specialise in fresh artisan bread, head down to the back and you will be sure to find all the designer jar goods that will give you an aesthetically pleasing pantry ;)

Be sure to check out these guys down at 23 Albion Street, Essendon or head to their Instagram at @bam.cornerstore.

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