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Bella Mia!

Allora, another week has past and another panino has been eaten!

I made my way down to Northcote to source out a high quality panino and they did not disappoint! ZSA'S Bistro & Deli Bar down in High Street, prides themselves in the finest European cuisines!

From the Parisian décor to the freshly hand-made panino ready to eat, they bring a little taste of Florence straight to your plate! Their Bistro serves European inspired shared dining from apretivo to panino! I just had to try it!

They show case the finest bread baskets so you know these guys mean business and what better way to show off a European inspired panino by ordering THE BELLA!

- Bresola

- Comté

- Mustard

- Roquette

Firstly, the owner hand crafts your panino as you order it so you know your finely sliced Bresola is going to be cut to perfection! This is a typical cold cut beef, that should be paired with only the finest cheese such as, Comté. This is a Parisian cheese bordering between France and Switzerland, to give this delicate panino that extra European WOW factor! They paired it with Mustard and Roquette, every bite tasted like a mix between Italy & France.

Lets not forget the beautiful freshly made ciabatta bread they use to ensure your European inspired cuisine is direct from the Italian gods themselves! It was truly BELLA! The salty taste between the Bresola and Comté complimented the tang of the Mustard to give you the crunch at the end you expect from fresh Roquette! Definitely want to try everything else on their menu!

What is great about this Bistro Deli is that, you can go for a quick bite to eat or enjoy their nostalgic dishes that are shared in the centre of the table between family and friends. Zsa's Bistro ensures that their produce is imported from small farmers, local fisherman and neighbourhood organic dairy.

You just know they want to share good food to their customers!

Be sure to visit these guys down at 202 High Street, Northcote or visit their aestheticaly pleasing instagram at @Zsa's Bar Bistro Deli.


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