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Better call Saul!

I cannot wait to show you wogs what I came across this festa nazionale! (long weekend!).

In the wild streets of the South Eastern suburbs I came across this deli/sandwich bar that is honestly popping up all over Melbourne!

With a catchy name from Breaking Bad, it's hard to believe that Saul's Sandwiches wasn't cooked up in the garage!

The place screams Italian/American diner straight outta' New Jerziii (Tony Soprano slang).

So what better way to eat Soprano's style than your typical Pastrami Panino!

Pastrami is a beef slice from a lamb or turkey so imagine it toasted in Ciabatta with some heavy cheese? Feel like you' in New Yawk yet?

- Cheddar (Smoked)

-Cavolo Nero Slaw

- Saul's Sauce

- Kosher Pickles

- Mustard

A hot Pastrami Ciabatta panino? Do I have your attention?

My mouth was salivating from the Cavolo Nero Slaw which is basically, loose leaf cabbage from Tuscany, Italy with beautiful slaw sauce. It pairs so well with the Pastrami, not to mention the smoked Cheddar that just oozes out of your Ciabatta, creamy but meaty at the same time!

Saul's Sauce with Pickles and Mustard gives you that sweet n' tangy taste like a Big Mac but Americano' style ;). I cannot even describe to you how this all tasted in one bite, you just have to try it for yourselves!

This American/Italian style panino was straight outta' New Jerzii and honestly made me feel nostalgic!

Saul's Sandwiches have made quite a name for themselves around the South Eastern suburbs, so I think it's only right for them to place themselves amongst the real OG's ....Lygon anyone?

Come check these guys out in Bentleigh East, Carnegie, Hawthorn and their new South Melbourne Drive-thru! Check out their Instagram: @saulssandwiches.

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