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Ciao everybody!

We are almost nearing the end of the treturous lockdown and what better way to end it by taking it One Panino At A Time and making your way down to Brunswick East!

In true Franco Cozzo style, I visited Rustys Sandwich Parlour where the panini have a Cubano twist ;).

These guys have been opened since December 2020, falling involve with the true wog area and having opened up their first store known as Green Acre, just up the road early last year!

These paesans add an extra twist to your good ol' wog panino! Majority of their products (Ciabatta Bread that is), are from a small baker where every piece of bread is individually hand rolled and stoned baked. MAMMA MIA!

I went a little bit south of the border and down Mexico way and got myself a CUBANO! ARRRRRIBA!


- Ciabatta bread

- Orange Braised Pork

- Swiss cheese

- Pickles

- Dijon Mustard

Alright, alright, okay, BASTA!

I don't even know Orange Braised Pork existed but yes please! The thinly slicked strips of pork, melted in Swiss Cheese was a Cubano speck perfection! To top it off, the Pickles with Dijon Mustard added a bit of that sweet n' sour taste only a Big Mac can nail!

However, it was the freshly toasted Ciabatta Bread for me, crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside that soaked up all that pork and cheese goodness that only a good panino can serve up!

Rusty's Sandwich parlour has about 10 sandwiches on the menu and for some of you vegan fanatics, there are four sandwiches that guessed it, VEGAN! However the Cubano and Chicken panino are the everyday sellout! So how is this a panino you ask?

The bread, it starts and ends with Ciabatta Bread ragazzi.

If you've left your heart in Hvana, Cuba then you'll find it with Carmila Cabello on 189 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East.

Be sure to chuck these guys a follow on instagram: @rustyssandwichparlour.

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