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Do it for yourself!

Buonasera tutti!

This panino head did something a little different and decided to catch a plane for the first time since 2019 and let me tell you, it was bloody great.

Grazie Dan Andrews....scemo.

Comunque, why did I go to Sydney? Truth greatest pleasure is travelling, it was my greatest escape from reality...for a little while.

I had the luxury of going to Europe every year or two, my last big trip was in 2019, I studied abroad in Switzerland at the United Nations for one month and travelled for the rest of the two. When I returned back to Melbourne in September 2019, a lot changed.

Although I was gifted with the greatest news that my Mum bet Cancer, my Nonna was put into a nursing home. Everyone loved her, she was so small, cute, innocent and she was my Nonna, she was the only grandparent I had left and might I add, NO ONE MADE ARANCINI LIKE HER ... NO ONE!!!!

Then, 2020 arrived, and let me walk you through my year:


- Lockdown

- May 16th my Nonna died

- Two weeks later my Mother's Cancer came back = Stage 4 Bowel Cancer - Diagnosis: 12 months.

- September I got my heartbroken

- October - December = I became a full-time carer for my Mum and I didn't even know it.

I guess at this point you could all say I hit a trifecta, but not the good kind.

By the time 2021 rolled around I had nothing left to give to myself or anyone else, I was tired, restless, irritable and I just wanted to sleep any chance I could get. I masked all of this pain by making everything in my life seem normal, even the closest to me didn't have a clue what was happening.

Isn't my Nonna so cute? She was known for doing things herself, she may not of had a license. But at 75 years old, she travelled to Europe on her own, she would catch the train to the Mornington Peninsula to stay at her beach house, she would catch flights to Sydney and Queensland with "da club" all by herself. My Nonna was notorious for doing absolutely everything herself and if you told her she was too old to do it, she would tell you FUNCULO!! This is probably where I get it from.

She was Signora Independente all they way till 89 years of age.


With all that occurred since my return in 2019, I forgot what it was like to do things for myself, because I was so busy worrying about everybody else. However, as traumatic as this was, I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

For a while I forgot that I was a 26-year old girl, who was fun, did random things, travelled, singed, laughed and lived. I forgot that my happiest days were packing up and leaving for a little while to see different cities and regroup at the same time.

If it was up to me ragazzi, I would've booked my first flight to Naples out of here. I think even my friends were scared that I wouldn't return home if I touched down in the motherland. So, this pandemic might have been a blessing in disguise for me to deal with grief head on rather than running away.

So what did I do? I did what I do best...booked a flight to Sydney, lapped it up at the Four Seasons Hotel for four days and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge 130m above ground.

I took this tragedy One Panino At A Time and finally did something for myself, after a year and a half of taking care of everyone else and it was GREAT!!

So, what else did I do in Sydney? I clearly got myself a panino from Continental Deli & Bistro. Let me add, if you want a Milano experience whilst still eating your wog roll, these guys have you covered.

The Deli:

- Mortadella (THINLY SLICED)

- Salami

- Ham

- Lettuce

- Mayonnaise

- Provolone

Let's start with the ciabatta bread, ever so soft and crunchy with a smooth glaze of mayonnaise on each side to compliment the crispy lettuce. There was a combination of three cold meats: thin mortadella, hot salami, and leg ham shredded off the bone ..mmmmmm. It was a high cholesterol's dream and I wouldn't have it any other way.

To finish it off, the Provolone cheese was so fresh and creamy it seeped through all the condiments and gave it that cheddar taste this panino needed.

The Continental Deli & Bistro doesn't just offer panini, they have a large selection of seafood, pasta, canned goods, a deli right at the front and a beautiful selection of alcohol throughout restaurant. I also heard their pistachio pestosono buona.

The minute I walked in, the amazing art-deco vibe from the marble counter tops to the garlic hanging from the walls gives this bistro the Milanese feels we have been missing out on since COVID-19. Did any one say apretivo?

You will feel right at home when you enter the doors, old-italian music playing in the background, pictures of Italy hanging from the walls, it almost made me forget my year in 2020. Not to mention the generous greeting you get from the bartenders ;).

So, ragazzi my trip consisted of doing something for myself and taking it One Panino At A Time from climbing the bridge to visiting Continental Deli & Bistro.

These guys are available in two places in Sydney, the CBD and Newtown. How about opening one up in Melbourne guys? ;)

If you're in Sydney pay them a visit at 165-167 Phillip Street, Sydney.

Head over to their Instagram and give them a follow: @continentaldeli

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