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Ciao tutti, comè stai?

Welcome to our brand-new website and what better way to kick off the launch with a new blog!

Nothing has changed, yet another week of lockdown, and another week of a new panino.

I heard from the grape vine, that you'll be sure to have a heart attack if you go down to Lygon Street.

This Venetian style ceccetti bar nestled in the streets of Carlton have based their business off a Firenze style bar known as Il Santino's, if you've ever visited the motherland. Basically, during the day they run as your usual deli-style bar however, at night, they are a wine bar the create their own little tapas from from cured meats to the finest fromage.

The idea stems from your after hours wine bar, catching up with some paesani's and receiving the finest platters of antipasto to go with it. People normally come in with the intention to go somewhere else after it, but in true Italian style, the customers stay all night long drinking and eating! So authentic!

So in true One Panino At A Time style, I got the Porchetta panino and forco mio did this give me a heart attack!


- Ciabatta

- Porchetta (roasted)

- Salsa verde

- Sweet n' Sour Sambal

- Dijon mustard

Eating into this panino had my taste buds saliviating, the free-range roasted Porchetta from morning till midday was perfectly shredded amongst the Salsa Verde. With home made Dijon mustard and the Sweet n' Sour Sambal, it was a herb connoisseur's dream!

It didn't stop there, the bread is made to order from Bakers Delight, they have specifically modified a true Italian-style ciabatta bread for Heartattack and Vine to give you that Firenze feelin' we're all missing these days.

With authentic meats from Hagen's Organic Butcher and home-made wine from their own cellar, no wonder why these guys live up to the name! They have really depicted your local European bar!

They're worth breaking the 10km radius so give them a visit down at 329 Lygon Street, Carlton.

Head over to their Instagram and give them a follow: @heartattackandvinebar.

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