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Updated: Sep 17, 2021


Well, today is a glorious day to celebrate the Italians in-style...that's right, we won the EURO 2020 the POMS! Sorry Qweeen Lizzie!

So, what better way to celebrate the cup coming to Rome?

Celebrate a Panino coming home!

Just imagine after a 3-hour bender on Lygon Street, filling your salivated mouth with a warm toasted panino from Matteo's Delicatessen.

First-off let's talk about the game:

I get to Lygon St at about 4:15 am, the game kicked off at 5 am AEST. To my surprise, the Argyle St Piazza, didn't play any sound whilst the game was on, so I had to mesmerise the Italian anthem in my head whilst freezing my pali's off!

We then get to the first two minutes of the game, thanks to Optus Sport and their schifo service, the game was lagging to then find out that England kicked the first goal. At this point, we left the game 30 minutes in to watch it in the comfort of our own homes.

Thankfully, Italy came out of nowhere with a side-swipe from Leonardo Bonucci in the second half, which then led to a shoot-out after 115 minutes of playing softball.

I do have to say, the theatrics from the Italian soccer players when they fall down pretty much explains Italians in general...dramatic as hell.


The whole-world is on the edge of their seats.

The first goal was by Italy with Domenico Berardi manipulating the aim of the ball, Pickford guessed wrong.

The second goal was by England with Harry Kane kicking the perfect penalty in the bottom corner, whilst the big-giant Donnarumma missed!

Italy then misses their second penalty with a failure of a kick from Boletti, this is where the eye-tais start to quiver in their boots.

Meanwhile, we get a close-up of Beckham in the VIP box trying to organise high-tea with Tom-Cruise.

Tensions are high ragazzi, I could hear Padre Pio turning in his grave.

We then get Harry Maguire from England blasting the ball into the top corner and you can see Mancini's grey hairs getting worse.


Bonucci with a stutter in his run to scare Pickford with the perfect Italian goal that only Maradona could judge.

By some act of bullocks the coach of England thought it was a good idea to let two of his youngest and worst substitutes - "MAKE IT COME HOME!"

The both of them were riddled with anxiety, I needed to give them my therapists number after the game.

Thus, Donnarumma taking it One Panino At A Time and saving both goals leaving the Italian Stallions claiming what's rightfully theirs!

The crowd is WILD!

Italians chanting Andrea Bocelli from Wembley Stadium;

The Pope handpicking the Last Supper;

Queen Elizabeth is still wondering when her Grandson is coming home;

Whilst, Bonucci reminded her that "HIS COMING TO ROME!!!!!!!"

Meanwhile down under in Little Italy:

Lygon Street was full of flares, flags were flying, grown men were crying and the English were dying (theoretically speaking).

So what did I do to celebrate the Italians going back to Rome? I took a Panino HOME!


- Pastrami

- American Cheese

- Memphis Sauce

- Sauerkraut

- Sweet Pickles

- Toasted Ciabatta

So if some of you are familiar with my last post, Sam Pinzone is a famous food consultant that offers culinary advice to your business. At the age of 26, he was already awarded two chefs hats in 2015, he offers a service to your company that attracts all the right attention and food ;).

Imagine my surprise when I took a sweet bite out of his special panino after a glorious Euro Cup win...bellissimo!

Let's start with the Pastrami, for some of you that don't know what it is, it's basically a smoked corned beef Romanian style and the American Cheese complemented the meat ever so delicately. Now, the Sauerkraut and Sweet Pickles, these two normally go hand in hand when you are biting into that all-American-Italian deli-style panino. The tangy sweet n' sour taste between the two, almost made it seem like I was eating into a wog Big Mac.

To top it off, the Memphis Sauce gave you that country ranch-style flavour mixed with your typical Ciabatta Bread. This can take you back to a New Jersey style panino that you would come across on the Jersey Shore, prepared by a good ol' Italian.

The Sam Pinzone Special can definitely be treated as a post-game feed. This panino gives you so much bang for your buck, that you will feel like the modern-day sandwich is exactly what Chiesa ordered after being taken off the field prior to the shoot-out.

You can taste every flavour in this wog roll, sweet, sour, tangy and zesty with a nice thickness of meat to rile you up for the next Euro Cup!

Matteo's Delicatessen have even done you a solid by creating a wall of aesthetically beautiful Italian products that will take you back to your favourite past times. From Carmelina canned goods to fill out your wog pantry to Felce Azzurra bathroom products, these guys have you covered in the AUZZRRI department.


If you want to visit these guys and congratulate them on their Italian win, head down to, 30 Pier Street Altona, Melbourne.

Head over to their Instagram and give them a follow: @matteosdelicatessen

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