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Little Italy!

The second I walked in the door I felt like I entered a Paninoteca in Rome, coffee was grinding, the workers were speaking Italian and the smell of fresh bread was right under my nose!

Pane e Pizzico literally screamed girl power! The workers in the shop are all women from different parts of Italy speaking in fluent Italian and you get chills down your spine the minute they say "Buongiorno"! The R just rolls right off of their tongue, the owner of the place greets every customer that walks in the door whilst simultaneously speaking Italian to the ladies in the shop, she definitely knows how to work a crowd!

This family run business are also known for manufacturing their own products and selling it at their shop, no need to cross the road to go to Coles, Pane e Pizzico have all the finest Italian products sorted for your pantry!

Now lets get to the good bit - the panino of choice:

Fresh Ciabatta Bread (my god that was fresh!)


Rucola (rocket)


Simple, straight to the point and satisfying...(DROOL)!!!

Mamma Mia!

I love nothing more than a bed of Rucola glazed with Olive Oil!

The first bite was the ever so soft, you know the drill with Ciabatta bread, hard on the outside soft on the inside. However what really got my taste buds salivating at the mouth was the mix between Olive Oil & Rucola with Prosciutto sandwiched with the Provolone that was toasted!!! Guys this puts any ham and cheese toastie to shame!

It was a toasted, ever so soft, ever so fresh, Prosciutto Provolone panino! Honestly, sometimes less is more and they definitely nailed the brief on this one!

Now I must add, the minute you walk in they have a wall of bread screaming "BUY ME", I seriously wanted to buy each piece of bread, then I remembered I'm limiting my calories so I just left it at One Panino At A Time. Pane e Pizzico Artisan Bakers don't just stop there, you've got your homemade pizza, pasticceria, and the finest Olive Oil that will make even make the supermarkets jealous ;).

At the moment these guys have done Essendon a solid and started to bring out the Panettone!

These guys are located at Shop 7, 1142 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon.

Head over to their Instagram and check them out! @panepizzico.

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