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Bitter Sweet.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Ciao ragazzi, I hope we are all coping okay during the 6th extended lockdown. Some of you are fed up, some of you are tired and like myself some of us are downright trying to book a one-way ticket into the oblivion at this point.

Today is August 18th 2021, today marks the day since my Father has been gone over the last 12 years and 6 months to date since my Mother's passing. Yes, it is a double whammy but who else better to deal with this bordello than myself (I wish I wasn't dealing with it at all).

As I reflect I have spent a year and a half in and out of lockdowns, turned 26, graduated from University, got a full-time job as a Lawyer, my Nonna dying, care taking for my Mum, my Mum dying, having heart-break, launching One Panino At A Time as an outlet and turning 27 (again in another lockdown) and obtaining my license to practise as a Lawyer. I guess I can take the good with the bad and say, I have achieved more in the last year and half than the Andrews Government has. The only thing he has achieved is wasting all of Victorians time and money, thanks stronzo.

So what have I done to cure the pain besides cry? Took it One Panino At A Time and went to the Little Deli & Panini Bar and ordered:

Sicilian (because I am one):

- Garlic & Chilli Oil

- Hot Salami

- Roasted Peppers

- Grilled Artichoke

- Provolone Cheese

Okay, so basically I was eating an antipasto platter in a panino and there is no god damn problem with that because this was a Sicilians's dream.

So, the bread was a nice focaccia, soft on the inside and out, it was then lathered in chilli oil to smoothen the rest of the condiments that are about to come. So for all you chilli lovers, the salami was hot but once it was concentrated with the olive oil from the grilled artichokes and roasted peppers it all came together like a nice antipasto board.

Let's not forget the provolone cheese, a few fine cutlets of this and eccolo! They have just perfected the true Sicilian sandwich.

It was rich, full of garlic and herbs, olive oil from the gods and a 2.5 second completion of this panino left me wanting more.

Whilst I sit here taking the last bite of my panino, olive oil dripping on the plate with a side of left over roasted peppers and the film Under The Tuscan Sun playing in the background. It reminds me of my travel days and happier times.

Just like the owner of the Little Panini & Deli Bar, they travelled Italy and got inspiration from all the beautiful foods that the country had to offer and created their own Little Italy down in Werribee.

Not only do these guys master a good panino, you need to try the cannoli's from the Sicilians themselves. As soon as you walk in, you will find some of the finest pastas, passtas, olives and other deli condiments waiting for you at the door. These guys are so friendly and heartwarming they will be sure to brighten up your day even in the 6th lockdown.

These guys are located at 61 Watton Street, Werribee head over to their Instagram and check them out!


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