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Mother Daughter Duo

Ciao raggazi, this post will probably be a tear jerker for you all (my self included). So get your box of tissues ready because this one will be a shock to the system.

For all of you One Paninio At A Time fanatics and newbies, I recently lost my soul mate (my Mamma) on February 18th 2021. A lot of people were shocked to say the least, however I knew this day would come.

(My mum at 60 years old.)

When I first launched this blog in October 2020 during isolation, I opened up about my Dad who lost his life to Lung Cancer when I was 15 years old. I highlighted that his love for food and family made him who he was, which is why I do what I love. He taught me that food and family even binds the strangest of people together. If only I knew that four months since the launch, I would be speaking about my Mum too.

I lost my sweet Mum at the age of 26, she taught me perseverance, strength, positivity and "In rain hail or shine, always remember to take it One Panino At A Time". A bit of food for thought during this read, I did some research on Colorectal Cancer, the life expectancy on this type of illness is 15-20 months, her reports showed that she stuck it out for 30 months. That little pocket rocket took on the One Panino At A Time mantra and gave me an extra 10 months of her life. Thank you Mum.

So how did I deal with all of this whilst trying to normalise my life as much as possible? I didn't, I just kept swimming and booked myself in for a Panino appointment at Italiana Delicatessen in South Yarra.

Coincidentally, I was greeted by the Mother/Daughter Duo, Rosemary and Julia full of love and life, as most Italians are. These are the two gems that await you down at South Yarra.

Aren't they bloody adorable?

However, before I start on the delicious panino they served me. Let me give you an insight into the bordello of my day and how I managed to pull all of this off.

That morning I raced down to South Yarra, after that, I went back home and made sure my mum was taken care of and got ready for my best friend's baby shower all in the time span of 4 hours. Let me tell you guys, the last 6 months of my life was no bloody walk in the park.

I remember that morning so vividly, my mum was still giving me the 3rd degree because I was running late for the shower. She still tried with all her might to button up my top from the back (at this point my mums strength was deteriorating, but I still allowed her to complete any task she set her mind too). Before I left, my mum told me that one day she will be with me celebrating my own baby shower, I swallowed away my tears and I agreed with her. I have never seen my mum try so hard to beat this illness, that is the sad part. She did everything right, nutritions, medicines, diets, exercises and therapists, it still wasn’t working - she gave it her all and I supported her the whole way.

Okay guys enough, before I start crying again. The moral of that story was the fact that during this whole debacle, my mum and I still worked together just like Rosemary and Julia do. That is what I call a package deal.

So, let's get down to business - what panino did I get even in my Great Depression?

(guys I'm fine really, it's a phrase).


- Tuscan style flat bread

- Crema di Formaggio

- Rucola

- Grilled Eggplant

- Salami piccante

Alright so just picture it, you're in Porto Cervo...and for all you Australs that don't know what it is - I suggest you use Google Maps.

Anyway so you're in Porto Cervo mungin' on this Tuscan style flat bread called Schiacciata, you bite into it, to only feel the taste of home made Parmesan Cream Cheese (jesuuuu), Rucola, Grilled Eggplant (who doesn't love melanazane?') and Salami piccante. For all you signorina's you also have a choice of mild.

(Schiacciata means squashed, another way to describe flat bread in Italian)

I closed my eyes for five minutes amongst all the noise and absorbed all the flavours in my mouth and just for that split second, I was back in Sardegna. It was delicious, the flavours just melt in your mouth thanks to the Crema Di Formaggio.

(Can you see that thick layer of Crema di Formaggio?)

A little background behind this South-Eastern Paninoteca, family-run by husband-and-wife team Antonio and Julia. They were inspired by the famous All'Antico Vinaio in Florence, which they visited on their honeymoon.

These guys offer something I haven't even heard of before, in the Summer outside the piazza (that looks like the centre of Florence), they usually do a set menu banquet style just like in Italia. Antonio goes to the markets picks out the seafood and meat, prepares the dishes for Friday & Saturday night. These courses usually go for a few hours with pre-booking of course. Antonio has some great chef skills behind him as his cooked for some famous restaurants, some by the name of Shoreditch House in London & Valle Dell'erica in Sardegna. So he loves to show his creativity through some traditional Italian cooking.

Talk about panini on the upper-east side! CAZZO!

Now that we are entering into the cooler months, different pastas will be on offer with a some vino at the bar! Luckily COVID is over so anyone can pop in, sit at the bar and indulge in whatever Antonio decides to cook that day!

This hidden gem nestled in the streets of South Yarra demands Italian attention, the minute you walk in you feel the love. Family and good food, from Husband to Wife, to Mother and Daughter!

Piazza Styles!

These guys are located at 8/177 Toorak Road, South Yarra.

Head over to their Instagram and check them out! @italianadelicatessen

A note to all my followers that are wondering how I am doing, this blog has given me the opportunity to write about how I feel through the love of family and food. I will dedicate this blog in memory of my loving parents Peter & Maria Monteriso, whom both lost their lives to Cancer.

I hope this blog one day will become an outlet/inspiration for all that have experienced pain like no other, I hope that this blog will shed some light even in the darkest of times. But most of all I want people to remember that this blog is a reminder that no matter what you go through in life always remember to take it, One Panino At A Time.

I hope that this blog one day receives the recognition it deserves and the proceeds will go to those that are battling with Lung and Colorectal Cancer.

A special shoutout to the doctors at Cabrini in Malvern, you did all that you could and gave my mum an extra few months of her life, your work has not gone unrecognised.

(Shoutout to this Oncologist for giving her all with my mum, follow her on Instagram to be educated about the health benefits of being vegan and its preventions on Cancer @veganoncologist.)

Thank you to all that have supported my Brothers and I during this difficult time, it has been a journey we will never forget.

One Panino At A Time is back.

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