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New Beginnings

Ciao Tutti! I have been hidden away due to COVID - that's right the rona got me!

During this time I decided (before I turned positive) to check out this New York style Deli bar known as, Hugo's Deli! This was right after Mother's Day and let me tell you, the walk down to get a panino (one of my favourite things to do) was a little more bitter sweet this time round!

I knew Mother's Day had just past and I tried to hide my emotions One Panino At A Time however, sometimes the grief gets the better of me.

I still couldn't believe it was my second Mother's Day without my little Margie, I hope she knows I'm doing her proud!

Anyway, enough of my sob story back to the good stuff! Hugos Deli has been opened for the past five months down in Swan Street, Richmond for all you South-Eastern panino yuppies!

The dècor is simple and to the point, coffee going round the clock, New York style deli panini being wrapped up in paper with the oil stains seeping through, once you unwrap it, it's a delicious toasted and cheesy panino being made to serve!

So what did I get to drown my sorrows?

Nduja Panino pronounced (en-DOO-ya):

- Spreadable salami

- Section 28 Monte Rosso

- Adelaide Tomatoes

- HUGO'S Pesto

- Basil

Ragazzi, this tasted like a hot Napoletana pizza! They had me at Spreadable Salami which absolutely got my tongue salivating at the mouth, not to mention the Monte Rosso Cheese that is semi-soft, with a buttery finish. You can only imagine how these two power house ingredients tasted nestled between the Tomatoes, Basil and Pesto whilst being absolutely toasted to perfection!

I took one bite and I was absolutely taken back by the spread, it tasted sweet, chilli and tangy, the nutty pesto and cheesy Monte Rosso absolutely complimented the fresh tomatoes direttamente from ADA-LAID!

These guys definitely cured my great Mother's Day depression by just taking a bite One Panino At A Time! Not to mention, the coffee roasting was a 10/10! Can you share the coffee beans please?

Come check these guys out down at 119 Swan Street, Richmond or go check out their Instagram for a drool worthy suprise! @hugos_deli.

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