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Nico's Deli

Every week, there's a new Deli bar in town and sometimes there are ones that have been around since the pandemic!

So, I went down to my ol' stomping ground Fitzroy where drinks with the girls was always a must. Sadly not as of late thanks to our wonderful Government Signora Andrews!

I walked down memory lane and stumbled across the notorious Nico's Sandwich Deli Bar where blue are as big as your eyes could see!

This "fresh n' fast" deli sandwich bar takes a cue from the Italian panino by modernising it into you daily sandwich,

It would have been rude not to order from the originals list, so I decided to get myself a classic panino, scusa...sanga.

The Original:

- Fresh White Bread

- Vine Ripe Tomatoes

- Buffala Mozarella

- Original Salad Creme

- Dill Pickles

- Herbs

- Sesame

- Nori

This definitely was an Italian twist to your usual mozzarella panino, but madddooon was this fresh. The freshly cut tomato, with thick cuts of mozzarella took me back to my days in Napoli, when I would eat was tomato and cheese!

But the twist was the fresh white bread with salad creme, dill pickles, nori and sesame that gave life to the fresh cheese and tomato which made every single condiment in this sanga pop!

Can you see the attention to detail?

In true Fitzroy style, these guys are working around the clock with a line out the garage door! I can understand why these guys have the name for fresh n' fast, because they are bloody fresh and fast to eat!

Now that you've finally reach the last lockdown of Squid Games I guess you can travel down to 100 Kerr Street, Fitzroy.

Be sure to chuck these guys a follow on instagram:

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