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One Panino At A Time

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Ciao tutti! We are back for another traditional write up for the holidays!

I want to thank each and everyone of you who went out of their way to purchase a Christmas Hamper, it means a lot!

In the interim I did my usual panino duties and ventured out to the South-Eastern suburbs for a bit of an apretivo!

Let me just say, this isn't your usual paninoteca deli, this is an up-scale apretivo bar that ticks all the Milanese boxes with a side of delicious panino. Their fancy bread from a Artisan Baker that is finished off in-house proves it!

This successful owner turned Entrepreneur in his own right, came up with the idea to twist an old traditional Italian plate and mix it up with a bar funk vibe, only in Windsor!

With a fancy bar and fobs spitting the Italian language straight off the tongue, I would definitely recommend to grab your girls and hang out at Luigi Paninoteca.

Did I mention that the panino was Bellissimo?

Let me introduce you to this Wagyu Panino that was cooked to perfection

- Wagyu Porterhouse

- Braised Onions

- Salsa Verde

- Fontina

Now for any of you that aren't familiar with what Fontina is, it is a particular type of cheese imported from Italy known as cow's milk. Don't even get me started on the medium-rare Wagyu Porterhouse that was cooked to perfection! It was nestled between the Braised Onions and Salsa Verde that gives you that authentic herb taste with the Ciabatta Loaf toasted.

It was like I was biting into a European bbq panino with the finest cheese.

This bread was quite fantastic as they chose the finest French Artisan Baker to make it for them. This panino definitely nailed that South-Eastern vibe that you would only find down in Windsor!

I will let you guys in on something, the owner finally got to meet the founder of One Panino At A Time! He told me that he was going to call his new place this, but there was "some girl" that already had it! VOILÀ, it was me! he even used the phrase One Panino At A Time when I asked him what's next for Luigi Paninoteca.

You see ragazzi, One Panino At A Time comes in many shapes and forms you just need to take it one day at a time.

If you're looking for an up-scale Milanese vibe these guys are your best bet! Also say CIAO to Luca the chef he'll be sure to make you girls blush ;).

These guys are located at 162 High Street, Windsor and be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @luigipaninoteca.

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