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Panino - Break!

Benvenuta ragazzi!

What does the word pranzo mean in English? It means lunch, but in Italian, it means midday break. However, if you're in Italy, it means a big lunch before you start your siesta ;).

So where else would I go to feel that midday aperitivo? No other place than, Pausa Pranzo High Street in Preston.

The owner Mauro came up with the name, based on his glory days back in Florence, he said "back in Florence the city-center was full of University students, they would utilise their breaks by finding the best lunch spots to enjoy their aperitivo, that is how I came up with the name".

Pausa Pranzo's biggest rush is between 12.00 pm - 2.30 pm with everyone wanting to grab a quick bite to eat, during the normal 9 am - 5 pm that we have all been forced to go back to after working from home.

With homemade pasta, gnocchi, sugo, and of course a delicious panino, I felt

like I stepped back into my glory days and enjoyed the sweet taste of that 'la dolce vita', atmosphere.

You will be greeted by the sweetest front of house, her name is Isabella - straight from the motherland, everyone is talking Italian and you just feel right at home.

However, Mauro wasn't always a panino enthusiast, his academic experience in architecture in Florence is detailed in the store as you walk in.

The rustic Italian vibe, with naked brick walls, Italian music in the background, Italian writing on the walls, and quick service for your freshly made pranzo. Mauro definitely took tips from the motherland and created this concept right in the heart of Preston.

So what did I do? Took it One Panino At A Time of course and ordered:

Il Figo

- Prosciutto Di Parma

- Gorgonzola

- Fig Jam

- Rocket

Okay so I clearly played it safe with the Prosciutto, but let me tell you - I never thought to put jam in a panino, can confirm, will definitely continue this new tradition!

The salty taste of the Prosciutto mixed with the sweetness of the Fig Jam gave my tastebuds a burst of flavour, like a sweet n' sour sauce. Not to mention the creamy Gorgonzola that oozed out of the bread with the Olive Oil. Although, the finishing touch was that crispy crunch you get from taking the last bite of the Rocket and Ciabatta bread.

One panino wasn't enough I was ready to order another one from the list.

I'll say this once and I'll say it again, the right bread makes all the difference. However, one of the things that I loved about this place is the people you meet.

I came across this lovely couple that come to eat their lunch at Pausa Pranzo, like I said food binds even the strangest of people together. We got talking, I soon then found out that this lovely lady recently lost her mum to Cancer, we shared this grief and loss over a panino and suddenly all of our troubles went away.

It was a bitter-sweet moment, but we took it One Panino At A Time. This confirmed for me that everything is not always as it seems. So a gentle reminder to everyone, that we are all going through our own dark times, just remember to always be kind.

Back to basics, I forgot to add these guys are quite famous for their homemade pasta - be sure to try their Vongole ;).

If you guys are looking for an Italian lunch in this concrete jungle we call Melbourne. Pausa Pranzo has you covered and you will feel like a student in Firenze scouring out the best place to eat on your lunch break. Aperitivo anyone?

These guys are located at 166-168 High Street, Preston.

Head over to their Instagram and check them out! @pausa_pranzo_melbourne

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