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Pick, Pack...Panini!

The minute I walked into Panini Co. these guys were literally pick n' packin' One Panino At A Time!

This deli style cafè is a new family run business that sells panini literally bigger than my head! These guys really pack in all that panino goodness!

This is the "Mortadella and Salami Panino":

Mortadella (don't forget always thinly sliced!)

Calabrese hot salami (bloody love Calabria!)

Salsa verde



Eggplant .......AND AND AND!

Copious amounts of thinly sliced Provolone!

Ladies and gentlemen start your drooling!

You really do get more bang for your buck with this panino and trust me I couldn't even finish it!

The bread is ever so soft, glazed with Olive Oil and herbs on the top and soft white bread in the middle (oh my god im hungry!).

The Salami, Mortadella and Provolone compliment each other as they are so thinly sliced it just melts in your mouth with the Salsa Verde, Peppers, Eggplant and Artichokes. These guys did me a solid and added mini Cotoletta's (Schnitzels) . I forgot to mention that the Peppers and Eggplant tasted exactly how my Nonna would make them, you know, in olive oil, garlic and parsley nice, warm and ready to mangia!

I walked in and one of the workers were hacking away at the meat slicer, the other worker was flipping Cotoletta's and making sure I ordered the right panino! I was greeted by the lovely lady owner she told me that, her and her husband run Panini Co., they went to Italy, took it One Panino At A Time and ignited their love for a good wog roll when they returned!

Once again, thanks to Dan Andrews Cold War lockdown - these guys got you covered and you can find them on UberEats!

These guys are located at 15a Military Road in Avondale Heights, and also do take away.

Head over to their Instagram and check them out! @panini_co_au

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