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Rocco Rocks!

These guys are the best in the West and have been since 1977, they even have their own t-shirt to prove it!

Rocco's Delicatessen is a family run Italian business and has been for the last 43 years!!

Let me introduce you to one of Roccos Rolls:

Ciabatta bread (of course!)


Hot Salami

Sun-dried Tomatoes






MAROOOOON you can even see the oil seeping through the bread!!

Can we just take a second to admire this layering?

The Prosciutto placed ever so delicately on top of the hot Salami, the Cheese is just sliced to perfection, then we got the golden couple - Capsicum and Eggplant chopped ever so finely, marinated in Olive Oil placed at the bottom of the stack. To top it off, both sides of the bread have been brushed with their famous Pesto. In the first bite you get this sweet and tangy taste of cold meats, mixed with herbed vegetables and Sun-dried Tomatoes, then a burst of garlic pesto that ties in nicely with the Olives and Cheese. It's like when you see an antipasto platter and try to fit everything onto that one piece of bread.

Well...have no fear, because Rocco's Delicatessen is here!

Rocco's doesn't just specialise in a good ol' wog sandwich, you have coffee's goin' round the clock and the finest Italian groceries. Just like the one you used to visit with your Nonna because she needed to buy 20 Panettone's for Christmas for the man down the road and his kids.

The minute I walked in I felt like I stepped back in time, you can tell that they have kept the tradition alive. Hand written menu's, the meat slicer was the star of the show, ricotta cannoli's were selling out in minutes (they really are the and the coffee machine was drumming to the beat of my heart! I had the opportunity to speak to one of their regulars who lives down the road, she said that the shop has been around for decades and Chris (the owner), is the engine behind the whole success of the business.

Rocco's Delicatessen took it One Panino At A Time and now offers catering for events, schools and corporate lunches. They haven't stopped there, you know those fancy antipasto boards and tables? Well guess what? They graze right over that too!

These guys are located in Yarraville, just near Footscray where my Mum used to grow up. Like all European migrants, Footscray and Yarraville was the place to be back in the day, all Europeans resided on that side of town after they docked from their homeland. Rocco's Delicatessen has kept that European vibe since 1977 and doesn't plan on stopping!

For those of you who aren't in the 5km radius put them on your to eat list and give them a visit or check them out on Ubereats! Might I add, their apparel is so trendy I might just buy one for myself!

These guys are located at 122A Roberts St, Yarraville.

Head over to their Instagram to check them out! @roccos_delicatessen

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