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The Big Bang!

Ciao tutti! Come stai?

This write up might be a little different from the last as I decide to express my thoughts to you tonight before we get stuck into The Big Bang roll!

Lately, I have tried to find some solace in this new world without the guidance of my parents and even though it looks somewhat easy, I am here to tell you it is absolutely not.

This incazini is hard, debilitating and down right frustrating for the most part, lockdown hasn't helped either. I am quite glad to send this year well and truly off! In hindsight ragazzi, one of the best things my people have told me as of late is that: "even though people have what you don't, doesn't mean their life is any easier than yours".

Didn't like hearing it, but probably had to hear it. But form my point of view I'm sure some of you can relate that have lost a parent, it is sometimes easier to compare what you don't have, compared to what you do have. However, this is what will send you into the depth of your despair.

Sometimes, there is a difficulty in trusting your own decisions than listening to the opinions of others. Because just like an asshole, everyone has an opinion and you need to find one that suits yours. These people, that you seek approval from, that you go too for advice, can only give you an answer that they think would be good for you. But the truth is, you know what is good for you, you just have to do it.

Which is easier said than done.

My best advice through this whole ordeal is:

Do what makes you feel good and don't feel guilty about it.

You only have one life in this world, so make is fucking memorable and take it One Panino At A Time.

Which is why the the panino I ordered from Dan's Deli in Toorak gave me the Big Bang theory I needed:

Big Bang Roll:

- Muffuletta bread

- Sopressa Salami

- Prosciutto

- Ham

- Rocket

- Roasted Capsicum

- Swiss cheese

- Mozzarella

- Parmesan power

- Green Salsa

- Kewpie Mayo

Well they definitely lived up to the name of it let me tell you that much! The cold meats were cut to perfection, perfectly sliced with some Swiss Cheese and Mozzarella. The Roasted Capsicum with Rocket, Kewpie Mayo, Green Salsa and Parmesan Powder gave it that sweet n tangy taste only a modern Italian could dream.

But let's talk about the Muffuletta Roll , it's a bread of the ages (immigrants) that's between hard n' soft. With this bread, it is hard to shy away from stuffing it all in. This panino kept me wanting more, between the South American sauces and Italian delicacies.

Dan thought to bring a bit of culture to the yuppie side of Melbourne and he has done exceptionally well. Dan's Deli gives a modern twist to the original Italian panino and no wonder why since the pandemic has hit, he has people breaking the rules for great sandwiches. With his culinary experiences of being a chef around Europe and South America, this guy has nailed the brief in the panino department.

If you're feeling pecking be sure to trot down to 434a Toorak Road, Toorak Village.

Be sure to follow these guys on instagram: @dansdelitoorak.

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