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The Kings of Lygon

Ciao Tutti! Com'è va?

I decided to take myself down memory lane and visit Little Italy in the heart of Northern Melbourne, Lygon Street. This has a special place in my heart, when my Dad first moved from Naples to Melbourne he lived on Lygon Street. His first job was at University Cafè he then moved onto, La Spaghettata and lastly became one of the originals at Boassari Ristorantè. This restaurant is where friends became family, shout out to the Trimboli's if you're reading this.

My Father came to Melbourne at just 18 years old by himself, he threw himself into the hospitality industry and loved every bit of it, that is probably where my love of food has garnered. For anyone that is a typical wog in the Northern suburbs, knows they'll find anything Italian on Lygon Street. D.O.C understood this concept and first opened up in 1997 with their first Flagship Store in Carlton.

Picture this, imported Mozzarella from Naples, Salumi Boards, and San Daniele Pizza. It would only be rude not to introduce a Delicatessen down the road. The Authentic Deli has every Italian product you can think of Lupini, Pasta Fresca, Prosciutto hanging from the walls and a cute fob at the front of the door to lure you in ;) - I am an absolute sucker for them.

Ragazze I introduce to you the..Prosciutto Speck:

- Fior Di Latte

- Forest Mushrooms

- Truffle

- Prosciutto

- Rocket

Guess who supplied the bread? That's right Impasto Forno Antico, which made the sweet taste of the Forest Mushrooms and truffle even better!

Okay so I need to break this down for you, I've never had truffle with a panino so I think this is my new thing.

There was thick pieces of Fior Di Latte, for anyone that doesn't know what this is, it is the 'flower of the milk', which refers to cow's milk mozzarella. Let's move onto the San Daniele Prosciutto and Rocket, the salty and crunchy taste of each condiment complimented the Mozzarella. However, it was the Mushrooms smothered in Truffle Oil that stole the show for me, imagine fresh Ciabatta bread smothered in smokey Truffle Oil coupled with the texture of the your mouth watering yet?

These Italians do it right because they literally have imported the best to do it! The talk of fluent Italian as you walk in with the greeting of "Ciao Bella", made me feel like I was on a holiday for all of 0.2 seconds.

Unfortunately, I then overheard a conversation of someone asking if the Prosciutto was Vegan? You're asking an Italian if the prosciutto is Vegan?

Guys, I couldn't contain my mouth I had to walk off and look at the pasta section before I said "che cazzo??". Luckily one of the eye-tais did it for me, no offense to anyone that is Vegan by the way.

DOC have given themselves a reputation with their typical Neapolitan style pizza, pizzerias in the Mornington, Sydney, extended Pasta Bar on Lygon Street and their Authentic Delicatessen. There is no doubt that these guys steal the show when it comes to "Italians doing it right". Might I add the fobs they hire make it easier for you to go back ;).


These guys are located at 330 Lygon Street, Carlton.

Head over to their Instagram and check them out! @doc_gastronomia

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