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Uno, Due, TRE!!!!!!

Guys I normally go out to eat One Panino At A Time, but O'heas Bakery & Deli absolutely spoilt me with THREE!

I don't even know where to start, so I will just get stuck right into it because I am already salivating at the mouth thinking of the three musketeers!

Numero Uno: "Ciabatta Pollo"

Roast Chicken (shredded and fresh)

Basil Pesto



Signore e signori without further ado Panino numero uno...

Fuoco Mio!!!

Where do I even start with this?! The creamy texture of the mayo mixed with the basil pesto complimented the roasted chicken ever so delicately. To top it off, the hard shell of the Ciabatta biting into the middle of the soft textured Panino was exactly what the Doctor ordered for my Sunday ritual! This one was different and I don't say that about any guy, sorry...I mean, Panino.


Numero Due: "Ciabatta Prosciutto"

Olive Tapenade

San Danielle Prosciutto



Guys, I seriously do love all the Panini I come across, but the traditional Prosciutto Panino will always be the key to my heart...

Do I even need to tell you how this tasted? One look at this pic and you already know what's going down.

O'heas Bakery did their own little twist and instead of adding normal olives, they used Olive Tapenade, which is finely chopped olives purèed to perfection. They basically made their own homemade olive spread! So clever!


Numero Tre: "Focaccia Casalinga"


Fontina Cheese

Roast Peppers



Ragazzi if you want a fresh focaccia this is the one!

Just picture it...

Soft Focaccia bread, thick cuts of cheese, the crunch of the roasted peppers, blending with the fresh tomato, the meaty goodness of the Salami and crispiness of the Rocket. It tasted exactly how I described it, DELICIOUS! This is definitely a sandwich you take to the park with your mates to eat in the sun, GRAZIE DIO ISO IS OVER!

I absolutely loved this one, it was so soft and fresh you could definitely tell that the bread was made to perfection. Casalinga in Italian means housewife, so it's basically a homemade focaccia sandwich made by your wife, and if you don't eat it she'll kill you ;).

O'heas Bakery has been around for 64 years! 64 YEARS!!!

This family run business have built themselves from the ground up, from the original owners being Bruno and Giussepina Arena that had their house attached to the shop, they would wake up in the morning and get to work. The successful business is now run by their sons, Jim, Dom and Joe - which clearly shows the shop is built on generational value. They have scored themselves a reputation as one of the best delicatessens in the Northern Suburbs.

(Please keep your Northern Suburbs comments to yourself, we copped enough flack in isolation, grazie).

Let me just tell you what it's like when I walked in, a line out the door, the finest Italian groceries better than your Nonna's pantry, a deli, coffee's going round the clock, Panino makers in the back, pasticcerie in the front. YOU NAME IT THEY GOT IT!! Most importantly the sons greet each customer as they walk in, the minute you speak to them you feel like you have known them your whole life.

They are a real feel-good Italian family that love what they do and want to share their passion with the public. However, what I loved most about O'Heas Bakery is the alcohol section at the front. "Did anyone say Panino and Vino?!"

These guys also have an all day menu served up until 3 pm! Bon Appétit!

Well done Melbourne on STAYING THE COURSE - MANGIARE!

O'Heas Bakery & Deli is located at 203 O'hea Street, Coburg, Melbourne.

Head over to their Instagram to check them out! @oheasbakery

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