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You're the Salami to my Mozzarella.

The holy grail of panini......"IL CONTADINO".

This panino is my absolute specialty at Impasto Forno Antico.

Just picture it, mouth-watering Ciabatta, hard on the outside, soft on the inside, drizzled on both sides of the bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic.

I haven't even spoken about the fillings yet:


Buffalo Mozzarella

Spanish Olives that have been sitting in Olive Oil with Chilli and cut in half, picked to perfection and placed ever so delicately on top of the cold meats.

This iconic Italian Bakery & Cafe in Avondale Heights used to be a bread shop. My Mum & Dad used to purchase their bread from there for their restaurant since I was in diapers. The shop used to be across the road from my old Primary School, my mum and dad used to pick me up from school, we would cross the road and they would basically order the whole shop. I forgot to mention, being an Italian bread shop and my parents being Italian, the order didn't stop there, they would have a 2 hour conversation about life before proceeding with their order. You know, wog tings.

This family run business decided to turn their love for bread into one of the most tastiest paninotecas in the North-Western Suburbs. Walking in you feel like you have just entered a rustic cafè in Naples, the workers are from Italy, the music is Italian and you can smell the fresh bread from the front door. They don't just specialise in panini, these guys have expanded their business from bread to Pizza's, Pastrie's, Gelateria (ice-cream) and a good ol' fashioned Espresso!

Every Saturday when I have dropped into grab myself a panino the line is always out the door!! Well before lockdown.. (thanks Dan Andrews!). But lucky for you, these guys are still open and are doing takeaway!

They took it One Panino At A Time from bread to mouth-watering Italian rolls! Scroll down for the drool-worthy "Il Contadino"!

These guys are located at 157 Military Rd, Avondale Heights, head over to their Instagram to check them out! @impastofornoantico

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